Capital Equipment

Solutions for the material handling, ag & turf, warehousing, construction, trucking, forestry, and heavy equipment industries

With our expertise in material handling and heavy equipment, we create comprehensive strategies that integrate digital advertising, content marketing, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure your business is firing on all cylinders.

With years building award-winning capital equipment sites and architecting SEO and digital advertising solutions that work, we understand the complexities of your industry.  Manufacturers.  Territories.  Too much work with too few bodies.  That’s why our capital equipment, agriculture and turf, forestry and trucking clients love working with us.  We get up to speed quickly and intuit the B2B challenges you need solved without a lot of handholding.    

Featured Programs

Solutions for Capital Equipment

Specialized tools for a specialized industry.

Lead Generation and Local Optimization

Rank higher in search engine results while showing what lines of equipment are available at each location.

Used Inventory Marketing

Import photos and specs directly from your business system and into custom landing pages and digital advertising campaigns.

Manufacturer Inventory Feeds

Automatically upload inventory descriptions, directly from manufacturer feeds through our proprietary tool, FourBot.

Business System Integration

Our marketing and website solutions join forces with your business system to deliver seamless results.

Mobile Solutions

Reach your customers wherever they are with a beautiful, responsive site that looks good on any device.

Customer Portal

Get cutting-edge UX to facilitate sales— from streamlined transactions for recurring customers to user-level personalization.

Our proprietary tools meet the capital equipment industry's challenges head-on.

Conceptualized and realized in-house, our FourLabs products were made to solve the most common pain points for capital equipment dealers including inventory accuracy and manufacturer integration.


Custom websites that scale

Templated CMS’s can only take a business so far.  And custom websites can be too pricy—particularly if your business or industry needs the same solution executed multiple times.  Foursite is the business-focused solution to this common conundrum.  

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Our productive little robot

You want to be able to showcase your inventory online, but getting the information out of your business system and keeping it up-to-date is a nightmare.  Enter Fourbot, our smart little robot. Fourbot is flexible enough to handle integration with any business system or data format. Define the update intervals and data points that you want to show online, and Fourbot does the rest.

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